Rearrangement/Customization of the action toolbar

I have created a ticket to propose for a rearrangement of the icons on the action toolbar [PICARD-908] Rearrange the action toolbar icons from left to right according to the expected user-flow - MetaBrainz JIRA

The current layout is

I propose we move the more important icons to the left based on the order in the user flow.

I had a layout in mind with groupings as defined below
The icons will be displayed in the toolbar left to right in the following order
1.Add items group
a.Add Folder
b. Add Files
2. Cluster
3. Lookup Group
a. Lookup
b. Scan
c. Lookup in Browser
4. Post-tagging group
a. Save
a. Info
c. Remove
5. Submit Acoustids
6. Open in Player
7. Lookup Cd
There will be a separator separating each group (similar to the one separating Add files and Open in Player

Alternative layouts and suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

The above change can possibly be rolled out in v1.4 if supported by popular opinion :slight_smile:


The layout of a possible re arrangement.

The “Lookup from CD option” seems hidden, but is available in the extended toolbar( Accessible from the right double arrows) due to width limitations of my screen

What about allowing users to choose which buttons they want in the bar? I only add files by command line or drag & drop, I never use the CD-related functions, I never use the Open in Player command (except by accident, which is obnoxious).

On the other hand, I’d add a button to refresh a release, if I could. It would also be awesome to have an easier way to add to collections or select another release from a release group.

Certainly possible. We can add it to the UI(Currently available in Advanced>UI settings page) options page and allow users to customize their toolbar.

The interface could be something similar to our existing tagger scripts UI

or Preferred releases UI

I can work on it and will try to make it in the 1.4 release :slight_smile:
apart from that, we also wanted to finalize a default layout for new users, thus my suggestion above :slight_smile:

We have a ticket for it and its on my todo list [PICARD-353] Customisable toolbars - MetaBrainz JIRA


[quote=“samj1912, post:2, topic:195108”]
The layout of a possible re arrangement.[/quote]

I don’t see how anyone can have a problem with this! Looks like a big improvement.

A customizable UI bar would be great as well of course :wink:
But the rearrangement as a priority would be awesome.


I agree with @aerozol. The proposed rearrangement looks like a definite improvement and could be made into a PR within a few minutes. Adding UI interface for configuring the menu might well be a bit hairy—and can also go in, even if the default layout has been cleaned up a bit.

Customizable toolbar support should hopefully be added in 1.4

Glimpse of the same

Demo drag’n’drop


That screenshot reminds me:

To me it would be more logical/natural to have ‘User interface language’ under ‘General’ instead of under ‘Advanced’.
It’s a rather essential setting which many users will want to start-off with and should be found easily.
(I remember I had to do some searching before I found it under ‘Advanced’)

The original reason why it was put under advanced was the fact that it defaults to the default language of the system. And it was considered a rather advance usage if you want to use an application in a different language as the rest of your system.

I still think this is true, but I am not generally against putting it in General.

My own user case is that I am not native English, but prefer to have all my software in English, including OS.
Yet very often newly installed software seems to source ‘location’ for it’s user interface language, and not the selected language.
And that’s what Picard seems to be doing (or being mislead by) also.

For Windows it’s probably sourced from ‘Region’ > ‘Formats’ > 'Format:'
Many ‘foreign’ users will select English as OS language, but will want to set their currency, number formatting, dates, etc. by local standards.

That’s a bug then, and I think we should fix that instead of moving a setting that basically never gets touched if set once to the start page of the settings :slight_smile:

Will you pick up on this then?
I believe the official way should be me opening ‘a ticket’, but being a newbie I want to learn and understand the workings and dynamics of the forum/Picard/MusicBrainz a bit better before doing such.

Yes, adding a ticket at is the right thing todo.

In this case I have already done this and also submitted a patch so this should hopefully make it into the 1.4 release :slight_smile:

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thank you outsidecontext