Rave = Concert or Festival, or new type?

I’m in the process of adding a few rave’s (probably at the time illegally arranged/setup but IMO a very important touchstone of UK EDM culture); most of the information (location, date, performers) fits into the current Event Form fine, however what type?

Would it be a concert (usually a single artist with a support) or a festival (which is multiple artists, multiple days, large complex)?

Or do we need a new type, and then how do we define rave?


Both of those cross over anyway… a concert can spread over multiple nights with support acts, or a festival on a single day in a small field.

I’d put a rave closer to a festival as it could easily be multiple days, multiple artists. And like a festival could have other stages, side shows and traders on site.

I just see “festival” as “more stuff happening”.


like selling overpriced hot-dogs… comedy stages… small artisan stalls selling ware and the consumption recreational drugs! :laughing:


That is the exact kind of overlap with a Rave you have there. Just with the potential edition of more flashing blue lights when the “wrong kind” of people appear.

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must be those “ruffians” that one of these flyers warned about :eyes:

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I think that is how “rave” and “festival” can be told apart - one of them has people in uniform trying to hit you on the head with a truncheon applying an “emission of a succession of repetitive beats


Keep in mind that it’s not a requirement that you put a type on the events you create. I’m not sure that shoehorning it into a type that’s a bad fit is better than just leaving it blank.

I do think that having an event-type for DJ-focused events would be good. I would vote for having a top-level category for DJ-events, which would include raves and nightclub events. And I wouldn’t oppose (I say this as if my opposition would affect much) creating subcategories under the DJ-event category for raves and nightclub events (and other subcategories?).

Hmm… thinking about this more, it occurs to me that “festival” is used as a label for both DJ-events and live-music events, while “concert” mostly implies that there is/was live music at the event (some events labelled as concerts might have DJs before/after the live music). So I guess my idea for a “DJ-focused event” category is really an idea for a “DJ-focused event that is smaller than a festival” category.


I would like to see rave and nighclub event-type appear but I don’t think this should be a sub-category for festival. Raves can be as has big a festival and as tiny as a private party. Also Raves are not only for djing, you can have other kind of music performances. For me the most important distinction is that festival is legal while raves are illegal and collectively organized

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These words are all overlaps of each other. Back in another era we’d organise festivals up in the hills. A mix of concerts, local bands and DJs. Back then they were not actually illegal. The posters would say Festival, but plod would call it a Rave and try an do us for “blocking the public highway”.

If we organised that festival now they’d call it “illegal” due to too many people having fun in one place.

An event is “legal” if you pay the right people. Don’t matter if it is called Festival, Rave, Concert, John’s Party. Legality does not change the language. Someone can pay to make a Rave legal.

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Well I got confused by the english language haha I was actually speaking of Free party - Wikipedia and not about raves.

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I think of “concert” as referring to a single headliner plus possible supporting acts, and “festival” as implying multiple “big names” (“big” relative to the specific event) but not necessarily multiple stages or days. By that notion a rave seems more like a type of festival.