Random lookup failures (1-5% result in "could not load..."

A “is it just me” check here.

For the last couple of months, when I load my library in to Picard it seems like about 1 in 20 releases don’t load. If I “reload” them, they load just fine, but it is a real pain after loading my library to go back and individually reload the random ones that fail.

Is this happening for other people to? Is there some kind of system wide performance issue (does seem worse some times of day) that is being worked on?

Thanks for any help. I get the same on the primary or beta server, sometimes one seems better than the other but since it is so random, hard to tell.

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Not just you. See discussion on another topic:


Thanks, good to understand what is going on. Wish there was a solution but it if it is an overall load issue, I guess there is really nothing we can do as users.