Quick file naming help

This should be easy but I’m stuck…

What I am getting:
‘50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin’ - [12] Like My Style.wma’
‘50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin’ - [12] Like My Style - 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo.wma’
(ya, I know, 50 cent lol)

I want:

‘50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin’ - [12] Like My Style - feat. Tony Yayo.wma’
or something along those lines.

I’ve tried:

$if(%_multiartist%,- $setmulti(supporting_artists,$slice(%artists%,1,))

$if($and(%_multiartist%,$or(%albumartistsort%,%compilation%,%artist_album_additional_id%)),%artist% - ,)


You’re creating the supporting_artists multi-variable, but never actually use it in the file naming. I do something similar to what (I think) you want in my naming script (which uses the Additional Artists’ Variables plugin). It is available for viewing or download on GitHub, and is heavily commented so you should be able to find the part you’re looking for. (Hint… Try lines 159 to 172.)

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When I first installed the program I took a quick glance at your script and thought ‘I dont need all of that’

I took a closer look at it after your response and ended up using it with some tweaks. Thanks for the awesome work.

Anyone on baking this kinda of stuff into the GUI? kind of a guided script builder?

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I’ve often thought about developing a web-based interactive script builder, but haven’t gotten anywhere with it yet. Maybe some day… :wink: