Questions over Tracklist


I physically own a copy of Halo Trilogy, and have a question over modifying the tracklist names.

The release is a Compilation of Soundtrack Releases, and the tracklist printed on the back does not fully match those listed for Discs 4 and 5.
The track titles on the entry have the full name, where as the printed tracklist on the back has the short-hand version. Primarily, the name of the first “work” in the arrangement.

Would it be best to leave the tracklist as is, or should it be changed?


Assuming we’re talking about:

And referencing these scans:

I think it’s fine to make the tracklist represent what’s printed on that exact version.
Whether you really want to, if the longer version is technically more correct/complete, I don’t know, but as long as you don’t change the recording name I wouldn’t see a problem.


Yeah, that’s the one!