Question on Mashups

Hello All,

I recently submitted a change to a mash-up release which received a down vote and was looking for some clarity on this particular issue. The edit in question is here:

Before the edit, the track artists were the underlying artists. The only information I was able to find in the style guidelines regarding mash-ups was the following:

"If a recording is a mash-up of two (or more) recordings the artist should be set to the mash-up artist. Put the two “versus” artist titles into the recording name like so: “Track Title (Artist A vs. Artist B)”.

Note that this only applies to the recording, the associated track(s) should be credited as they appear on the release."

The album in question was released from this website:, which lists the tracks like this: “1. Blackstreet x Ratatat | No Chrome”. The distributed files themselves have all of that as the track title and have “The Hood Internet” as the track artist. Based on all of this, I submitted the edit above which has been voted down.

As I mentioned in my response, I concede that the title is more appropriately set to “Blackstreet x Ratatat | No Chrome” but I also believe based on the guideline that “The Hood Internet” should be credited as the artist. I am looking for confirmation or correction of that fact.

Secondly, if the artists of the mash-up components are credited to track artist, I am confused on what to do with The Hood Internet’s latest release, found here: The track listing only includes the mashed up artists so presumably if you use that in the track artist fields you will end up with 50 untitled tracks on this release.

I would be grateful for any clarification on this issue.


The release as it was was close enough to correct as it was.
We credit the original artists on recordings so Artist A vs. Artist B for mashups,
For multiple songs in the one track we use / to separate the original credits for the song so this may be song1 / song2 by artist1 / artist2.
The editor has used X instead of vs or / as that is how it is credited on the release so there is nothing wrong with that.

if you want to credit The Hood Internet as the release artist.
This is a variant of a compilation so you can credit the person that put the compilation together on the release level and not the track level.
You may additionally credit this artist as the remixer on each recording if all of these are remixed by this artist or dj mixer on the release (if this is a dj mix).

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