Question on Locale / Default Display Language

So, I am totally for having entities on MBz be listed by default in their original language; however as I am a luddite who only knows his own native language, it can make finding some tracks that I might know in their “translated” form rather difficult.

Example would be that I was trying to find “Flower Garden” from the Yoshi’s Island OST to put into a playlist. Typing that into LB wasn’t working, so I thought I’d go and try and find it on MBz… which took some time as I found the composer (Koji Kondo), then found the overarching work (which strangely enough is entered in English) and then went through each part to find “Flower Garden” (which is おはなばたけ). I can now copy that URL and put that into my playlist.

The question however is that this work already has a work name set in English, and I’m logged in, with English set as my “native” / preferred language. So why doesn’t MBz present the English title first in the search / browse listings.

(It works for searching, and have realised I should have just searched for “Flower Garden” under Works).

I understand not everyone might want this, so it might be a tick box that says “Display entities in your local langauge when available”.

This could then be possibly extended to show Wikidata entries in your local langauge if available, instead of defaulting to English all the time (which is the behaviour it seems to exhibit at the moment). Apparently this already works, so ignore this bit


I know it’s not the main part of your post but for me, the artist Wikipedia intro at least, is displayed in selected language, as it takes the appropriate Wikipedia page (if available) from its linked Wikidata item.

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This is a search issue: