Question about track length

I tried searching the documentation but didn’t find an answer. What track length should be set for a song when the song has a period of silence attached to the end before a hidden track which has no beginning silence. The times on the TOC show it as a longer than the actual song. When this happens does the release need to have a new recording added to match the length or what? The link below is the disc ID and the next link is the release.

The length should be set according to the disc ID. You can actually do this easily with the “Set track durations” links on the disc ID page you linked to.


I haven’t done it, but the style guidelines suggest creating standalone recordings for the individual songs and linking them to the combined recording with the compilation relationship.


I guess my question was a little vague. When the TOC is applied to you leave the track pointing to a recording that is thirty seconds shorter than the track or do you create a new recording that matches the track length?

The silence is not a separate track but just silence at the end of the track containing the song.

If the only difference is added silence and the actual recorded music is otherwise identical you can link it to the shorter recording.

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That is the case here.

Beware, this only applies to standalone recordings and not if the recording is present on a release, which is the case here. The guideline says:

“If multiple songs share one track (one after another, possible separated by long silence or noise), it is recommended to add additional standalone recordings for each of them, except when the recording exists as distinct track on another release.

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It’s also possible that every release in the release group has the same track (with silence + hidden track), or at least the two DiscIDs are linked to all releases (except one).

Looking at the edit history for each release, it seems like the duration of 2:54 originally came from the following Amazon link: that was linked in the release addition edit

Once the open edits clear I will correct the track length