Question about the parenthetical

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A question about the contents of the parenthetical has cropped up in edit #45890136, edit #45832664 and edit #45890372 in regards to certain capitalizations inside the parentheses (particularly track 21, while tracks 1, 18 & 37 are lesser issues).



I’ll have to agree with @iherduliekme here
Things like “Main title” are extra title information, which should be lower-cased, unless certain words are always capitalised in the appropriate language (like nouns in German).
“What Can I Do (for You)” should be capitalised as if the title is “What Would I Do for You” according to the English style guidelines, although the first exception is debatable.

Artist intent doesn’t really work with capitalisation (unless you have the artists themselves here on MusicBrainz) because they are usually decided by the record company, a sleeve designer or even the shop selling it (for digital releases).


I agree with @mfmeulenbelt/@iherduliekme. If you agree (or disagree), be sure to also throw a vote on to quantify this, even if you’re not commenting on this topic. :slight_smile:


I agree :handshake: as well. :slight_smile:


I agree with @iherduliekme on all counts. Will add votes.