Question about musicbrainzngs Python library


I’m writing a tool in Python to check my mp3 music collection. The code snippet below will find the correct album and now I’d like to get the track list from MusicBrainz but I can’t seem to find a method to do it??

myID3 = eyed3.load("/Users/surfacedetail/Desktop/06 That's Entertainment 2.mp3")
myTitle = myID3.tag.title
myArtist = myID3.tag.artist
myAlbum = myID3.tag.album


myResult = musicbrainzngs.search_artists(artist=myArtist, type="group", strict=True)
myArtistList = myResult['artists']
myArtistDict = myArtistList[0]
myArtistID = myArtistDict['id']

myResult = musicbrainzngs.get_artist_by_id(id=myArtistID,includes=["release-groups"], release_type=["album", "ep"])
myReleaseGroupDict = myResult['release-groups']
for myReleaseDict in myReleaseGroupDict:
    if myReleaseDict['title'] == myAlbum:
        myAlbumID = myReleaseDict['id']
        print('Matched:', myAlbum, '  AlbumID:',myAlbumID)

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot