Question about multiple disk set submission

I have a Readers Digest 4 cd boxed set. The title of the set is “White Cliffs of Dover: The Greatest Songs From the Greatest Generation (the ’40s) ‘italicized’” I understand that I need to submit to Picard as Medium 1, 2 etc… However, each disc also has its own subtitle, ie. Disc 1 is subtitled “The Sentimental years”; Disc 2 is subtitled “Great Big Bands of the ’40s”, and so on.

These discs were not sold individually (at least not that I can find) yet each has its own cat# also. Is there a correct way of adding the disc subtitle?

Thank you.

You can add disc titles in the release editor if there is more than one medium (in the tracklist tab). Separate catalogue numbers (and barcodes) per medium is not supported at the moment (there is a ticket for it). I would add that information to the release annotation.

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Thanks for answering both my questions.


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