Question about Composer Credits on OST/Classical Release


The Diablo III: Collectors Edition Soundtrack currently has Russell Brower & Laurence Juber credited as the Release Artist. I own a Physical Copy of the Release and in the Booklet there are listed a total of 7 different Composers but it is nowhere mentioned who composed which Track. My question now is should the Release Artist be all 7 of the Listed Composers even though not all of them worked on every Track?


From the style guide @

The Release Artist of a soundtrack should include the composer(s) and performers featured on the front cover. Use only composers and performers who are featured on the front cover (or the spine); don’t add artists from the back cover or the inside of the booklet or other places. If the credits contain both composers and performers, begin with the composers. If there aren’t any clear featured artists (for example, for a compilation of film themes), use the special artist Various Artists.

… so, no, you shouldn’t put them as the release artist unless they’re on the front cover (or spine).


The thing is there is no Artist/Composer listed on the Spine or Cover. There is only the list of 7 Composers in the Booklet. The 2 Composers currently listed as Release Artist are part of this list but they are nowhere listed sperately. There is a digital Release of this Soundtrack on iTunes and they list all 7 Composers as Artist.


This looks like the release we’re talking about:

The style guidelines say to use Various Artists for that. The artist on the digital release may be different—that’s fine, all the releases in a release group do not have to share the same release artist.

When setting the track artists and ARs, you should of course use the track listings and other info inside the book.

(BTW: I couldn’t find the digital release in MB—if it’s there, the two release groups should probably be merged).