Putting discs from multidisc compilations in separate folders

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Hi: how can I modify the default picard script to put each disk from a multidisc compilation to be in its own folder. Currently I am getting:
/Various Artists/Beethoven/1 01 Track 1.mp3
/Various Artists/Beethoven/1 01 Track 2.mp3

And I would like:
/Various Artists/Beethoven/Disc 1/01 Track 1.mp3
/Various Artists/Beethoven/Disc 1/02 Track 2.mp3

I am currently working with the default script:
$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/$if($ne(%albumartist%,),%album%/)$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%discnumber%-,)$if($ne(%albumartist%,),$num(%tracknumber%,2) ,)$if(%_multiartist%,%artist% - ,)%title%


You create folders by adding slahes to the script. Currently you have a condition that adds the disc number and a hyphen if there is more than one disc: $if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%discnumber%-,). Update that to be $if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),Disc %discnumber%/,) and it should do what you want.

Help plz: How to create multi disc subfolders with Picard