Pulling complete place/area via API

Hi Folks,

First post here. I’m looking to obtain complete place / area paths for “recorded at” / “mixed at” via the API.

My command line app, by default, returns only the place/area available in the recording_level_rels when including place-rels and area-rels.

For example, for track 1 of this:

pink floyd animals

I get Britannia Row Studios > Islington.

It seems I have to walk up the tree of areas to get the full:

Britannia Row Studios > Islington > London > England > United Kingdom

That requires 3 extra queries (adding 3 seconds, to avoid the rate limit). This gets really expensive for compilation albums, or tracks that have a list of places/areas per track.

Short of a dump read, is there a more efficient way to request the entire place/area path to the root?


Would be great if this feature would be implemented.
(I’m not sure if there is already a JIRA ticket for it, maybe something like SEARCH-359 but for the JSON/XLM-API?)


Thanks, the info was useful. I employed a workaround.

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Would you mind to tell us, what kind of workaround?

I’m using the web search, and maintain an on-disk cache of area MBIDs to area names, so that subsequent lookups are free.