Pseudoreleases: How to remove Recordings?

Style / Specific types of releases / Pseudo-Releases reads:
Usually, only the following fields should be filled in:
Release name and release artist
Track names and track artists
Medium names, when they exist
Track times, if desired

How do I remove the Recordings from a Pseudo-release.

What do you mean by “remove” recordings?
Usually with pseudo-releases, I reuse the same recordings as the official release, and if there happen to be separate recordings for whatever reason (e.g. someone added a transliterated release, and someone then later added a release using the original titles not knowing the transliterated release existed) I’ll merge them with the recordings from the official release.

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The SG for pseudo-releases says that usually the Recording field won’t be filled in.
These are just your usual sort of pseudo-releases and they currently have recordings linked and I want to get rid of them.

Unless you are saying that the SG are wrong?

There is no recording “field” to fill in. All mediums (whether on an official or pseudo-release) have to have recordings linked. There’s no way around it.
It sounds to me like the style guide hasn’t been updated properly (i.e. the exclusion of recordings from the filled-in fields list predates the implementation of NGS). AFAIK there is no way to remove recordings from a release, other than by reassigning or merging them.

EDIT: I’ve entered STYLE-924 in hopes of clearing this up.


Thanks for doing that.
I’ll vote and watch.

Edit: I’ve got a quibble with the statement in the ticket that it not possible to create a Release without Recordings.
The least possible data needed for a Release is a Release name and an artist (including [anonymous]) AIUI.

Whoops, I kinda assumed everyone would just reuse the recordings, but it does make sense to specify it I guess :slight_smile: Will change!!! Edit: changed!


In order for there to be a medium, there has to be recordings. If there is no medium, there are no recordings (or tracks, for that matter). The main purpose of pseudo-releases is to have a way to store alternate track titles (and by extension give people who prefer said track titles to have something to use to tag their files). In order to fulfill this purpose, there has to be a medium present.

Whilst I’m sure that you are largely correct there are the cases where a Release with metadata consisting only of a Release name and an artist in say Cyrillic would have a Pseudo-release in say the Thai abugida*. The lack of Recordings that such a Release and Pseudo-Release would have constitutes a case where a Release and a Pseudo-release without Recordings would be in the MB database.

That is my new word for the day. Including it in 5 sentences is not going to be easy.