How should pseudepigrapha be handled? There was a trend in Abrahamic religions during the first millennium where authors would falsely attribute their works to a noted historical person for various reasons. The most famous is probably the Pseudo-Dionysius, who mixed Neoplatonic theology with Christian mysticism while appropriating the name of an early Christian convert.
Should we create a new author? If so, should its name be Pseudo-X or should it just be X but with a disambiguation noting that the name was appropriated? Or should we use the Anonymous artist for works and maybe add a new relationship that says something like “falsely attributed to X”?

I don’t have a strong opinion on this, but my gut feeling would be to use a separate Pseudo-X author, based partly on the wikipedia article:

In secular literary studies, when works of antiquity have been demonstrated not to have been written by the authors to whom they have traditionally been ascribed, some writers apply the prefix pseudo- to their names.