PSA: some podcast hosts can change podcast ads, likely (not) meaning new recordings

this is something I knew was possible, as Welcome to Night Vale often has new ads inserted into old episodes, and sometimes announcements for new series, tours, and book releases. this is the first time I’ve seen for certain that it can easily be done with other shows (screencap from their starter’s guide)


I don’t know how exactly their podcast software works, whether it inserts different audio clips fully randomly (so different people will get different ads) or just chooses randomly which ads get put where and everyone gets the same recording (tho it sounds like it could be the former? just based on the fact that this episode can have multiple endings) I also don’t know how it should be handled in MusicBrainz, but I wanted to note this for podcast editors


This has been brought up before - I can’t find it right now though. If I remember correctly it was generally agreed to (conveniently) ignore this situation and not make new recordings or new releases for change advertisement material.

Partly because it’s not practical to make hundreds of copies of podcasts that can already be hundreds of episodes, but also because it’s not changing content that really matters to anyone. Like how we wouldn’t make a new CD release because a updated label flyer was included in the packaging.

that’s fair. however, we probably should consider a case like the Welcome to Night Vale episode mentioned above with different endings to be different releases and recordings (and do the same if other podcasts try something similar), where the true content actually changes (not just different ads)


Ah, thank you, I didn’t read the screenshot properly!

That is very cool and if an editor wanted to store all the different endings, MB is a good place to do it imo.

P.S. I need to check out that podcast :open_mouth: