Provision for Saving a List of Complete Albums to a text/log file?

Thinking out loud mostly…

I wonder what would be involved in getting Picard to write a log file of each item that reaches “perfect album” status on the right.

The log file has every track saved, I’m just interested in each album title.

A command to write variables to a log file from within the script would be fun… :wink:

This could be done in a plugin using a file_post_save_processor


Now lets see if that is past my experience level which is totally based on brute force copy-catting similar lines and 2, 3 character changes at a time so I don’t get a crash when executing it. (and not understand what the message is trying to tell me)

Actually, no, I’ve learned quite a bit and am brave enough to make whole line changes at once now. :exploding_head:

But a logged function albeit utterly simple would be perfect. 'cause I’m sure I’d learn from it and make it do just a little more in real short time.

A csv file with the album title, artist… track count is what I’m after…

A script command to write select variables would the bees knees.

Something like…

The real ‘trick’ would be to have it only write once for each “album” If it had to do it for each track… Ya still could just whack all the extra lines with an Excel macro or something I suppose…

Though there is $if($gt(%tracknumber%,1)) then don’t do this.

Looking at the generate cue sheet plugin … I see reference to variables…

At the very basic level, change it to append an existing file, if not create it first, write the pathname of the Album… to a hard coded filename at the destination directory, and if you don’t want it to happen, you’ll need to disable the plugin.

Regardless if that Album was saved before. You just have extra entries in the file. Sort, remove duplicates. Just a dumb raw log to start with.

Though I think I’m already out at this level. I need to figure out enough to actually do something in python, not just manipulate what I see, like all the other stuff I’ve done so far.

Just my 2 cents:
Why do you not write such a status as a new tag inside every file?
Would it not be easier to maintain your files if you know the status for every track you read?
You could even think about a system like an “album status” from 1 to 10, where 1 would be “nearly nothing done” until 10 “perfectly matched, everything renamed and tagged to perfection”.

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That’s a great idea for part of what I want actually… :wink: Some voodoo with a tagger script can take care of that…

… but the other reason I want a list is as I’m perusing other discs, directories, backup tapes, removable media, written lists, what not… I can see if a particular something is already on there or not.

e.g. a file on the server that I can open from wherever whenever or send/copy/paste to someone / somewhere whatever…