Protecting edits

Is there anything under works in terms of being able to “hold” partial edits without actually entering them in the database? I had to leave home in the middle of making a bunch of relationship edits, and my computer crashed while I was out (total fluke, my system is normally very stable). Now I have to re-enter all of them. Not the first time I’ve had this kind of problem… accidentally close a browser tab or window, accidentally click a link to another page, software or computer crash, and you can lose an hour or more of work. Relationships and track lists are the worst, because they’re the most likely to include a bunch of edits at once, where saving part way through could cause conflicts or incorrect edits.


Under works? No. There is, however, a ticket for the release editor case:


Exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, thanks.

For the record, @psychoadept has now created the following ticket for the release relationship editor.

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