Proposol to introduce a "search" within "My Collection"

As My collection here is growing, sometimes I want to look something up, so I open for instance a release collection, and instead of manually looking for the release I’m looking for, I’m always looking for that “search” that isn’t there.

Having to scan a list by eye, only being able to use sorting as an aid, feels a bit like browsing in old a paper database in the library in the 1990’s…

I think two ways could be introduced to solve this:

  1. a checkbox in the regular search (on top right of the site) to limit results to releases that are present in one of “My Collections” of the same type as the search.

  2. A simple search on top, when you open a specific collection.

What I for instance expect, is that when I type in an artist, or part of a title, while in a release collection, it will show all releases that contain the name or title in the data.
(Not just the release artists or release title).
That way I can, for instance, easy reveal all releases I have, where a certain artist is involved in.


In the meantime I have a userscript that loads all my (14+) collection pages and then I can Search in page with the browser. :wink:

And it also works on mobile (useful when I’m in a CD shop).


Looks like I have that script running already!
Never thought to use it that way.

Doesn’t have the complete power of what I have in mind, but in the meantime, it does help! Tx!

Oh, what also would be nice is a way to sort things by “date added” (to collection). For some reason I often look for the latest additions.