Promotional guidance nonexistent

The documentation doesn’t really same much about promotional releases. The most I can find is a sentence on the release documentation:

A give-away release or a release intended to promote an upcoming official release (e.g. pre-release versions, releases included with a magazine, versions supplied to radio DJs for air-play).

I wanted some wider input on whether some soundtracks included as part of the special edition of a video game count as an official or a promotional release. I argue that if it is included as part of a particular edition and included in the box (and the price of the box) then it should be official.

Relevant ongoing discussions:

Re-listed edits for a clearer discussion:

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I would usually put these as official releases.
That is what I have done when I have had cd’s included with games.
The fact that they where included with something else does not make them promotional.

Promotional releases are more like pre-release copies given out to people.
These may not be the same as the final print run (so a unique disk id for example) and may be produced by the label to give out.


I would additionally argue that the same disc distributed in multiple different game release versions (e.g., a US and a European “special edition”) should also be different MB releases. I’ve encountered disagreements about that before though. :slight_smile:

Either way, I completely agree with making it Official rather than Promotion.