Promotion in edits notes


While voting I ended up seeing this as edit note:
Have you ever been listening to a great piece of music and felt a chill run up your spine? Or goosebumps tickle your arms and shoulders? The experience is called frisson, a French term meaning aesthetic chills. If you want to enjoy it, listen to Ridoanul Haque Siyam’s song “Mirror Call in You”

Code of conduct is not really clear about this, is it tolerated and if not what should be done?


I mean, the edit note didn’t even bother explaining where he get the info of the release from. Besides, it looks like the usual SEO spam.


Seems more appropriate for a Release Group Review than for an edit note.


It’s just an edit note. There are a ton of freaking weird edit notes, but there is a linked Spotify & Amazon release which seems to confirm it’s at least a legitimate release.


I was puzzled too then my question here.
Not trying to select music but we are also here to help beginners and avoid people messing around.

Then after another review I ended up to vote no as the editor did not show any sign of willingness:

  • This is a second batch of edits where there are still obvious errors with “strange” edit notes (Empty may be better or promoting in a more fair way like "This is my first track, happy to hear some feedbacks about it)
  • There is no answer on the questions asked in the first round (ex: Is this really a soundtrack, why adding an empty tracklist,…) neither a reaction on failed edits
  • Basic english level is not an excuse, there are translating tools or he could at least have answered something in another language.
  • The terms used in different edits notes or profile are more “Marketing” than facts: ex: “He is one of the best investors as an entrepreneur.”, “Every song on the album has gone viral very well.”, “…who is making the most use of his time in isolation”
  • As pointed by Jeluang this editing style remind other cases which makes it wonder what’s the main driver for their creation and who’s really behind the account

So I hear your points and indeed the releases have their place here but I remain unsure about what to do with the other legit edits (which have this kind of edit notes):

  • Should we Abstain
  • Should we vote No to avoid supporting this kind of behavior?

not a fan of the call to action

If you want to enjoy it, listen to

but i’m all for fun stuff in edit notes


Not related to the current topic, but I don’t understand the point of voting “Abstain.” How is this different from just not voting, especially if you don’t leave a note?

You can filter out edits which you already have seen and did not (want to) vote on if you “Abstain”.
This filter is also automatically applied to the results of e.g. Edits for Your Subscribed Entities.


I wouldn’t vote against an edit just because of (self-)promotion in the edit note. I don’t vote against edits solely on the basis of an empty or uninformative edit note either, unless I have reason to suspect that the edit is incorrect. As noted by @tigerman325, the release in question is on spotify so a detailed edit note is not particularly needed in this case.


agreed, helpful notes are nice, but if the data is good they’re unnecessary


If the data being entered is an improvement (note: doesn’t have to be complete or perfect), then you should not vote no.

An edit that is clearly correct, e.g. a link to a streaming site for the album, shouldn’t be voted on on the basis of the edit note imo. We don’t even require edit notes for everything.

If the edit is unclear/up for debate, or the data needs ‘proof’ to avoid being misleading or noise, that is probably the only situation where a vote would hinge on the edit note.


If an edit is complex - meaning I can’t verify its accuracy in under 1 - 3 minutes then I will request the info that the edit is based on. If it doesn’t arrive and I don’t have moderate or better confidence in the editor then I’ll vote no.

Promotion of an Artist or Release directly related to the edit wouldn’t change my approach.
I can easily imagine that non-music-related promotion would have me vote no or, better, contact an admin.