Production Coordinator

Since we can now add task level support to some credits I am wondering if the “production coordinator” credit falls under “producer” or “miscellaneous support”, I could go either way. There are a lot of albums with this credit that I have not added yet.

There’s a JIRA ticket for this relationship that’s been languishing in the pipeline for 3 years.

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I remember reading that a while back when I last looked at it last. I put that credit into the same bag of “hopeful credits”, like “rhythm guitar” and “harmony vocals” which you find on just about all bluegrass albums. It was finally nice to see “bass guitar” is not just “electric bass guitar”, change comes slow. I am leaning towards “producer credit” with task, some of the coordinators become producers, it would be nice to track that, its all about history.

Producer requires exact wording, so a production coordinator is not a producer.

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So “miscellaneous support” with text “production coordinator” sounds correct.


For the time being, at least.