Problems using the AcoustID API

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Hi, I’m not sure if this is pertinent here but I’ve been trying to submit around 800 pairs of fingerprints to the AcoustID API to verify whether the respective audio files are matches. (They all have release metadata but about half of them were only released on YouTube so I couldn’t connect all of them to MusicBrainz recordings. I have chosen not to use the AcoustID mailing list because it appears to be mostly abandoned.) The API seems to be having issues:

  • The “wait” parameter of the “submit” service doesn’t seem to do anything. I set it to 120, and the request completed in several seconds. The “submit” service also only returns the “pending” status and never a track or fingerprint ID.
  • The “submission_status” service seems to only return “pending”. I haven’t managed to get it to return any status that is not “pending”, and as such have been unable to use it for its intended purpose.
  • Many of the submissions appear to not have been imported at all, even after three or four attempts, and the “lookup” service will even return different results for the same fingerprint, making it difficult to track down what exactly was imported (in several cases an earlier lookup request would return a track ID but a later request would not). This would seem to be unusual behavior, since supposedly a submission “normally only takes a few seconds”.
  • I have also been getting 500 Internal Server Error responses from the “lookup” service.

Am I doing it completely wrong? I don’t know if this is to be expected, given the relatively large volume of submitted data, but if the API doesn’t work as expected I might be forced to do the matching some other way, probably by calculating the fingerprints’ similarity myself, or uploading my own bootleg albums (comprising the aforementioned tracks) so they can be added to MusicBrainz and scanned by Picard (so I don’t have to do everything through the command line).