Problems submitting AcoustID

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I have been using Picard for a few years now to submit AcoustID fingerprints to MB recordings as I add them to my library, if they don’t already have them. The process generally works well and smoothly.

Today I’m adding an album and the submission process is not apparently working. I ask Picard to scan for fingerprints, which it does successfully. I add the MB Release to the release pane and drop the scanned tracks onto the release. All the tracks light up green. When I click on them, they all show associated AcoustID Fingerprints. I then click on ‘Submit AcoustIDs’ and get the message "AcoustID submission finished successfully’.

When I go the release’s MB Release page, and inspect each of its Recordings, none of them have acoustic fingerprints associated to them. I have repeated this process many times over the last 24 hours, and nothing has changed.

I can’t tell whether this is a Picard problem, an AcoustID problem, or a MusicBrainz problem … :slight_smile:

Picard is version 2.5.6 running on a MacBook Pro running MacOS 11.2

From the AcoustID stats page, it appears to be a processing problem on the site.

That’s good information. Thanks for the stats page link. I’ll keep an eye on that.

See also here:

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