Problems making AcoustID submisions with short tracks?

I’ve been having trouble getting MusicBrainz Picard to make fingerprint associations with two tracks:
Left channel identification and Right channel identification. Both tracks are 11 seconds long, and have audio content only on one channel. Picard seems to develop a fingerprint just fine, and I can ‘drag’ the fingerprinted tracks onto the associated album tracks, which then display the “green box” symbol. I finish by submitting the AcoustIDs, and I get a message “AcoustID submission finished successfully”. But when I inspect the fingerprint properties of the respective recordings, they just say “This recording does not have any associated AcoustIDs”. I have repeated this umpteen times over the course of the last week or so.

Is this a fundamental problem with short tracks having content in one channel only? Somehow, I think it should not be.

There is a minimum length before an AcoustID is generated. The shortest file I have on hand that can be looked up via scan is 0:05.778 (254 831 samples) after trimming off the silence. If your 11 seconds includes silence, I assume the non-silent portion of your tracks are not be long enough.

I actually don’t know if very short fingerprints get ignored. I vaguely remember something about this, but skimming over the AcoustID code I cannot find a check for that.

Another possibility is maybe that AcoustID imports still take longer. Did you have better results with longer tracks?

Yes, all the other tracks on the album were successfully imported. The shortest of those was 14 seconds.

Looks like general Picard fingerprint submissions are broken again. Its not just my short 11s tracks.

@lukz … can you update the status here?