Problems displaying acoustids

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I recently added 2 albums to MB (among others): and . I added the acoustids using beets a few weeks ago and yesterday respectively, however these acoustids don’t show up on MB on the pages of the corresponding recordings, except for one lone recording . So I assumed beets failed submitting acoustids, and tried with picard. However and to my great surprise, picard doesn’t allow me to add the acoustids, because they have already been submitted. Now I’m wondering: is it a bug of Picard, that shows submitted acoustids that don’t have been submitted, is it a display bug of musicbrainz, is there a problem submitting acoustids?
I just added these albums and they seem rather obscure, so I don’t think anyone else submitted acoustids or other data.

Seems same as here AcoustIDs not sent despite Picard says Sucessful when doing on more than one release

For Picard did you try to close and reopen the files then click "Generate Fingerprints) Buttons hould be available again for sending?

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I can’t submit the acoustids with Picard (even after restarting Picard, the button is greyed out) because it claims they are already submitted, and in the ‘new values’ column of Picard the field is filled. Does that mean that the data already is in MB ( then why can’t I see it on the recording page) or does it just take over whatever fields are not filled by MB data? Also, the problem is not only in Picard, it is also in beets, I guess they use the same back-end.

The linked recording has an acoustid now. Is that the one you were trying to submit?

Yes acoustid submission has been wonky for a wihle. If you restart Picard it should let you submit again, just select the tracks you want, and select “Generate AcoustID Fingerprints” from the context menu and the submit button should activate.

Sometimes it takes a while (few minutes) to show up on the fingerprints tab. Sometimes I seem to have to make multiple submissions before it appears.

No, I linked the only recording of the two albums where the acoustid actually got linked, I don’t understand why this one got linked and not the others.

This all really depends on what you did before, which is not quite clear from your description. Picard does not explicitly make a request to AcoustID to check whether it already exist. But e.g. if you used “Scan” and Picard found matches and moved the files to the matched tracks on the right it will not enable submission. That’s because obviously AcoustID already knows about this match between fingerprint and MB recording ID, otherwise it would not had any results to begin with. But if you use “Generate fingerprints” on already matched files on the right (which where not matched using Scan) it will just generate the fingerprint and allow you to submit it. I recently explained this in more detail at

Please also see also the docs at

It’s also important to understand that a AcoustID and the AcoustID acoustic fingerprint are not the same. The presence of the AcoustID is not sufficient to submit anything, you need to generate the actual acoustic fingerprint (using “Scan” and/or “Generate fingerprints”). Likewise generating the fingerprint does not mean you will have a AcoustID tag. I.e. “Generate fingerprints” does not do any request against the AcoustID server and only generates the fingerprint (for later submission). “Scan” does query the AcoustID server for matching AcoustIDs, but it might not get a result.


Thanks for your answer. I need a bit of time to process it and understand what’s happening.

Other example:

Just created this release, attached disc ID then Fingerprints but they are not appearing for the 5 first tracks

They are appearing for me now:


(inline display above is thanks to the INLINE STUFF userscript)

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For me too
So same thing should happen soon also for this one

No fingerprints available from 1.1 to 2.9

For this one still nothing appearing

As for those 2 after 20 hours and despite contributed 2 times