Problem with search function when relating works

There is problem that appears when you are trying to relate works with very short titles.
The choices that appear are all longer titles, but not the correct “one word” title, e.g.

I wanted to link the German translation “Nacht” to the original story “Night”, but I couldn’t because “Night” was not displayed. (I wonder why “Nicholas Nickleby” seems to be a better fit than “Night” for the search engine :wink:

Fortunately it worked the other way round, but for the future we’ll need a solution for this problem.


Yes, there are many ways in which the search engine is imperfect or seems broken, and that’s definitely one of them!

If anyone has some prior knowledge of ElasticSearch, please lend me your hand ! :slight_smile:

We have a few tickets to track these issues:

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