Problem with scrobbling import from

Since 5 days I cannot import my scrobbling from, it’s stuck on working endlessly.

I try with different devices and connection but nothing change. Anyone else have the problem?

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I can reproduce this and have opened a ticket for it:


Thanks, I wasn’t sure if I was alone or not ^^

Edit: works again :wink:

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Hi @Mineo and @Fabe56 !
I can’t seem to replicate this issue, and I believe it has been fixed.
Could you please test it again and let me know if it works for you?

Edit: Just saw Fabe56’s edit about it working again, that’s good :slight_smile:

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How did you find this old thread? :smiley: I can’t reproduce this anymore, either and have closed the ticket.

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I’m not sure if I’m having the same issue as above but I can’t get the importer to go beyond page 49 of the import. It seems to be functioning fine and fast up until then, but then it freezes when it gets to page 49 like this: Screenshot by Lightshot

Then I always get this error: Screenshot by Lightshot