Problem with PICARD-990: Avoid multiple value TXXX frames change

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If I understands this correctly Picard 1.4 no longer uses null separated values when writing multiple value to TXXX frames for ID3, (but does still do this for non TXXX text frames)

I find this change problematic for a number of reasons:

1.Multi string ID3v24 TXXX frames have become a defacto standard and are now quite well supported.
2. You already break other aspects of the standards such as support for TCMP field so not without precdence.
3. This is the sensible approach for multivalue fields such as artists and albumartists
4. By essentially changing from using a null separator to a ‘;’ you break the logic for all taggers that do understand null separators, and change the logic across formats. So now a tagger such as Jaikoz would continue to show a Flac file containing multiple values for ARTISTS field as two values, but would show an MP3 version of file as one value
5. So now these taggers would have to have special option of treating a user defined value ‘;’ as multi value separator, but only for some fields since you wouldn’t want to do this for ARTIST (without the S), making it more difficult for users.
6. And it doesn’t fix taggers that dont understand multi value TXXX frames since now they will display the whole value but still wont understand they are multiple values.
7. Since there will never be an ID3 v2.5 specification there is no way to officially become part of specification, but it is a clear improvement.

I request this change be reversed as it causes problems without solving any problems.


This “discussion”/request should go on the issue tracker, not here.