Problem with Norwegian Wikipedia links

I just noticed something strange on this page:
Mamma Mia

My native language is set to Norwegian in MB, but I was puzzled why the Norwegian article displayed is a disambiguation page when a proper article exists.

As it turns out, it looks like MB will construct the Wikipedia link using the “nb” language code (Norwegian Bokmål), rather than the one used by Wikipedia (“no” = Norwegian).

This causes Musicbrainz to transclude

Since this isn’t a valid article page we now get redirected to instead of the correct page found at


The entry’s Wikipedia link is English. (error 1, there doesn’t need to be any article linked)
The entry’s Wikidata link has no WP articles. (error 2, as there is a different WD item that does point to an article)

Because there is no article on WD, the WP article gets displayed (which is normal). That WP article is a disambiguation page (error 3).
That enWP page does have a WD item which does have a noWP article (also a disambiguation page).


not that I go around looking for this issue, but this is the first I have seen a WP article being auto-redirected to a WD and then back to WP.


seems like the fix would be to replace the current wikidata link with Q1131308 , because that is the WD for the page you posted.


even stranger -
I left beta, and visited the RG with my English language setting.
Yet, the RG still displays the Norwegian WP.

You would think it would display it in English for me.

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The Wikipedia link should be removed. We only add Wikipedia links when no Wikidata link is linked.

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It’s actually more complicated than that, according to this recent topic:

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That page is getting weird - I am in the UK, but being fed a Japanese language page for no logical reason.
( マンマ・ミーア - Wikipedia )

For me, in GB, the Wikidata page is the single with no links to any languages. The Wikipedia link goes to a GB disambiguation page. So I can’t work out why MB is showing me a Japanese disambig page?

This does seem to be an example of the song\single mess that is happening at Wikidata. On the Wikidata page they have removed all the links to the Wikipedia SONG(work) page as this is a Wikidata SINGLE page. They don’t like it when a Wikipedia page shows both Song and Single data on the same page.

That does not explain why the Wikipedia link is failing so badly for MB. I would have hoped it at least would load up English - instead we get a random language. Very odd.

Edit - for that MB Single page, the wikipedia link should go to and not as it currently does (I have now added an edit to swap this - but that is only a UK solution. No Wikidata link available to point to multilingual Single pages)
(Edit Update: This has been approved so you’ll have to take my word for it that I was seeing Japanese as the approval has therefore masked the bug caused by the redirect)

If the Wikidata link went to MB would again load all the languages. But as that is a SONG page the Wikidata editor would just return and delete the link from MB and restore it to Wikidata needs to solve their puzzle with Wikipedia over this and find a solution. Song and Single need to point to the same combined Wikipedia pages.

For now the only real answer for MusicBrainz is adding all the different language Wikipedia pages separately! Maybe MB can come up with a hack to get round this. You can’t even do it with a look-up on Wikidata as there is no link between SONG and SINGLE pages. (which seems weird)

The link is the same as on Musicbrainz: via the track.

@Moebeus, now the Wikipedia link has been updated to point to the Mamma Mia (ABBA song) - Wikipedia and not the disambig, what are you now seeing?

(Most of my waffle above is irrelevant now that link is updated)

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Fine on my end as well! I’m getting the respective English articles for both single and song. The Wikipedia article link overrides any Wikidata link, which I think is the intended behavior.
Just speculation, but I think MB might have some issues with Wikipedia language codes that don’t match the correct ISO codes? (like in the case of nb and no )

Then we just need to create a song Wikidata page. It’s super easy to do. Having all these Wikipedia links is just not what is wanted. That’s the whole point of Wikidata. Plus, this is a release group for the single. The “song” is different as it usually refers to the work. So, IMO, all of the recently added Wikipedia pages (once again, we don’t want Wikipedia links over WIkidata) need to be removed. Moebeus aren’t you the one who usually differentiates between song & single on these? I guess I don’t get what’s going on here, but seeing so many Wikipedia links on a release group is just crazy. One Wikidata link for the single. If there is something wrong with the Wikidata link, fix it there.

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Wikidata items for release group, release, track, and song are all in place and linked to their respective Musicbrainz counterparts.

As for directly linking a ton of different language versions of Wikipedia articles? It doesn’t look like a sustainable approach to me. But if we’re in a phase where we’re trying to figure out how best to do this going forward, some experimentation is probably not a bad thing.

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We used to link to several Wikipedia pages, only 2: the English and the native ones.

But it was terrible: pages would be removed, would be renamed, who be later turned into disambiguation pages.

I even have a group whose page was deleted and then later it was for another group of the same name, instead.

We would regularly have to fix links on MB.

We really should no longer link to Wikipedia (WP) but only to Wikidata (WD).

And we should not hesitate too much linking to both song and single.

  • Separate Wikipedia articles for single and songs would be boring for readers (us)
  • Apparently not possible to link single and song Wikidata to unique Wikipedia article

Not a reason for us to miss the interesting article on single (release group) or on song (work).


That’s my point. All the linked Wikpedia pages should be to the same type of article, correct? The single release group, should be to the single. If all of those added WIkipedia links are to articles about the single, than why not just add them to the Wikidata article about the single instead and then they will show there?

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