Problem with dots at the end of the tag

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f00ba3b47e8> #<Tag:0x00007f00ba3b4720>

There was a problem with dots at the end of the tag. So if there is a dot at the end of the tag, then when naming folder with %artist%, the last dot (.) Is replaced by (_). EX: “Andrew W.K.” becames “Andrew W.K_”. However, if you assign the value of the artist tag to a new variable and add any character except a space at the end, like $set(_artist,%artist%1)%_artist% then the last dot is saved EX: “Andrew W.K.” becames “Andrew W.K.1”.
I do not quite understand how to fix this. Any ideas?

I think this is an issue with Windows folder name restrictions, folders can’t end with a period.


But I can rename the folder manually and dot will remain, the problem is only with naming in Picard. I don’t quite understand what you mean. Anyway, have any ideas how to fix this?

That’s because Windows does not allow a file or folder ending with a dot. As a dot is the delimter between the actual file name and the file extension and Windows treats extensions special such a file will be considered a file with empty file extension. If you create such a file the trailing dot will just not be used at all.

If you are bothered by this you can use scripting to remove the trailing dot or replace it with something else. This should do to remove the trailing dot:


Or replace it with something else:


Thnks for the help!

I know that for these purposes there is a plugin, but I do not want to replace the characters in the tags, I just want to change the characters in the naming. So i just replaced these characters with similar unicode characters. It was too simple, I don’t know why I didn’t immediately guess.
Maybe this will help someone.


Thanks again to everyone who tried to help me and have a nice day!