Problem running dataset evaluation script


I am trying to run commands :
$ cd acousticbrainz-server/dataset_eval
$ python

and getting the error below : (I have downloaded gaia library from the github and the python file is there in the path)
Can someone help please :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 8, in
from dataset_eval import gaia_wrapper
File “/home/vagrant/acousticbrainz-server/dataset_eval/…/dataset_eval/”, line 8, in
from gaia2.scripts.classification.generate_classification_project
ImportError: No module named gaia2.scripts.classification.generate_classification_project


Thanks for reporting this. You can also report issues like this on Jira.

This is a problem which I’ve seen once before with our Vagrant setup. I’ve opened a pull request to fix the problem, which should be merged soon:
The easiest way to get up to date would be to delete and recreate the Vagrant VM, or you can run the commands which have changed in the PR.


Thanks . This solved the error.
But now it is unable to find the recordingtoartistmap.json file.

File “/home/vagrant/acousticbrainz-server/dataset_eval/…/dataset_eval/”, line 20, in
rtoajson = json.load(open(“recordingtoartistmap.json”))
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘recordingtoartistmap.json’

The IRC logs show that-
" just create it with the contents {} (an empty dictionary) "
It would be nice if this is also corrected.


If you’re interested in contributing to AcousticBrainz development this would be the perfect place to open a ticket and propose a pull request to fix the issue!


I have created the ticket AB-300 for this issue and will be soon creating the pull request…
I am indeed excited about being a part of GSOC 2017. I am looking forward to work on the project
"New machine learning infrastructure".