Problem on right click cluster and save

something must be wrong in my script because I get red negatives when I try and right click and save in my clusters the bug info is here:

E: 22:11:05,589 Traceback (most recent call last):
File “picard\util\”, line 52, in run
File “picard\”, line 221, in _save_and_rename
File “picard\”, line 370, in _rename
File “picard\”, line 340, in _make_filename
File “picard\”, line 309, in _script_to_filename
File “picard\util\”, line 41, in script_to_filename
File “picard\”, line 292, in eval
File “picard\”, line 130, in eval
File “picard\”, line 122, in eval
File “picard\”, line 368, in func_if
File “picard\”, line 130, in eval
File “picard\”, line 122, in eval
File “picard\”, line 712, in func_matchedtracks
AttributeError: ‘Cluster’ object has no attribute ‘album’

This is a foreign language to me I do not understand any of it any help on this one?

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Are you trying to save before you’ve matched the clusters to a release in the database (which moves them to the right hand pane)?

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It’s the $matchedtracks() function, that does not expect to be run on a cluster. You found a bug, thanks for reporting.

But even if this bug would be fixed note that $matchedtracks() would just return 0 in case you save a cluster (or non-clustered unmatched files). Same is true for the $is_complete() function. Both only really make sense when you save files actually matched to a release.

What you can do now depends on your script. Maybe you can just remove the $matchedtracks() function, or you have to check if %musicbrainz_albumid% is set and only use the function if that is true.


Glad to help, Thanks for the answer @outsidecontext I took out the line $matchedtracks() and all worked well for now.

This issue will be fixed in the next release. Issue is tracked at

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