Prevent ''unsaved change icon" on release when no real change with covert art

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I would like Picard to save a folder.jpg cover art in the folder, only folder.jpg, not overwrite if already there.

i have achieved this by
ticking save cover art images as separate files
unticking overwrite the file if it already exists
move ‘local’ to highest covert art provider priority
ticking save only front image as separate file.

(i do not wish to embed cover art in tags)

but if i picard an album i have just picarded, it shows unsaved changes…but according to my rules nothing has / will change.

i can avoid spurious unsaved icons when re picarding, by
ticking embed cover art in tag
unticking save coverart images as separate files

but neither of those is a solution as they break the desired outcome.

the issue is minor but when updating your library, you dont want to have to resave all albums when the vast majority of them are unchanged. any ideas? is this a bug?

This sounds like PICARD-1001.