Preserving tag values from files dependent from the value of the custom1 tag

In a Picard script, in some cases I want to preserve my individual tag values and prevent that Picard changes theses tags.
Example: I usually tag complete albums, but I also put together my own compilations from the albums, which I give a suitable album name.

When I tag these compilations, Picard converts the album names back to the “original” album names, which is good in principle, but doesn’t fit here.
In custom1 I have a status flag that I can use to distinguish between what is a title from a compilation and what isn’t.
Is there a way to use Picard’s adjustments in the album name for files without a flag set and to keep my self-defined album names if the flag is set?

You could use something like this:


$unset clears the new tag value, so the existing value in the file will be kept. Just make sure you don’t have “clear existing tags” activated.


OK, than I missunderstood what $unset does.