"Preserve these tags" option - bug?

Hello, I’m new here. I want to add just year to ID3 tags, but perhaps I found a bug.

In the options - tags - preserve these tags from being cleared or overwritten… I have these values:

[title, artist, genre, tracknumber, album]

I’m still testing, so I added “abcd” as Album tag for 6 files, then used “Scan”, “Save”, for 5 files the Album tag was preserved, but for 1 file it was rewritten, why?

Is it a bug? How to preserve tags for all files?

Are you sure you had actually saved the title tag to that file? If the tag is not already set in the file it will be written with the new value, preserve tags will just make sure existing values do not get overwritten.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I tested it 2x before, now I tried it again and it works good, weird.

I processed all files at once, added test “abcd” album, saved, then saved new data in Picard.

If the file would be in use, it would be not possible to add/change data, so the value should not be rewritten. Really weird, I’ll be testing more.

After adding tags to the “preserve” list I had to restart Picard for it to take effect. Maybe that’s what happened to you as well?

Probably you only needed to reload any/all releases on the right-hand side, rather than restarting the entire program.


Probably. But after having watched “The IT crowd” repeatedly, my credo is “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” :innocent:

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Thanks, probably I had to restart program, but in other programs there’s a warning, that restart is needed.

Anyway, problem solved, no bug.