Preserve Mediamonkey / MusicBee Ratings

Hi Guys,

Self explanatory, my collection is partially rated through Mediamonkey and partially through MusicBee. Is there a way to preserve these ratings with the “Clear Existing Tags” option selected?

Thankyou in advance

I think you can’t.

Probably if you configure Picard to read those ratings by setting the proper value as “E-mail” in Options > Metadata > Tags. But even then Picard would not preserve the exact rating but apply its own star conversion.

That entire rating handling needs some overhaul.

As an alternative to clear existing tags maybe use scripting to only explicitly delete specific tags.

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Yeah i tried scripting before and the script lines just kept growing as i discovered more, id rather not go down that path again

Understood theres no good way to preserve ratings at the moment

While im writing would you mind explaining the “E-mail” option in tags->rating please? I’ve read about this in other threads and the help page but still cant figure it out. I have my own gmail address in there right now, the same address used for my musicbrainz account but it seems its not meant to be that

If i can just specify and retain the ratings from mediamonkey ill bin those from musicbee

I’m not sure if you already know this very useful plugin:

Keep tags v1.2.1

Adds a $keep() function to delete all tags except the ones that you want. Tags beginning with musicbrainz_ are kept automatically, as are tags beginning with _.

To keep all tags that can have a description (like comment, lyrics and performer), add <tagname without description> to the list of tags to keep.

You define ONCE which tags you want to KEEP and (nearly) all others will be deleted.


In ID3 ratings are stored in POPM frames. And there is an email field, for which the basic idea was that a file can contain ratings for different users. But this is not how it was used in practice, usually players just write their own specific label there. E.g. MusicBee uses “MusicBee” and Windows Media Player uses “Windows Media Player 9 Series” (which many other players also use for compatibility). No idea what Media Monkey does.

This might help:

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