Preparing for ListenBrainz Year In Music

ListenBrainz Year In Music report is dropping on 4th January. Learn more about how to improve your personalized music report in this blog post:


The blog post says:

To correct an incorrectly linked listen, navigate to the listens page and select the Link with MusicBrainz option from the dropdown menu next to a listen.

But I don’t see that option for incorrectly mapped listens, only non-mapped ones.


Hi! Please try again, the issue should be fixed now.


Works for me now.

Will these manually entered corrections somehow influence the automatic identification of listens? I mean, is the algorithm going to somehow “learn” based on these corrections?


It’s nice it’s working now but does one have to correct each wrongly mapped listen individually? That can take quite time.

Also, the link option seems missing on other pages such charts or love/hate (I’ve “hated” known wrongly mapped listens to more easily find them later)

Is there a way to see all unlinked listens? Or is such a feature planned?

I just linked one listen and another entry for the same track was automatically linked too after I reloaded the page, so it does seem to work for repeated listens.

Currently no. But this is nice idea we could try to look into in future.

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You have to map one listen to a recording and all listens of that recording that will get mapped automatically.

The link option is currently only available on the listens page. In future, we intend to add it to as many places as possible in LB but that will take some time due to implementation details. The feature has been rolled out for Listens page to help users improve their Year In Music reports to some extent.

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You can view the top unlinked listens (by count) at the Add Missing MB data page.

For me its, In the future, you’ll be able to directly link listens as well from this page.


I might have stumbled upon a bug. Not sure what happened here except I “hated” that listen before I overrode its mapping with the correct recording.


The other listens for that track were not automatically corrected hence my initial question if each listen has to be re-linked individually. It should also be noted I used different submission clients to see if it makes a difference.

So if I understand this correctly: if I import my listens from, link some of them to the correct MusicBrainz recordings, then delete my listens and import from again, the information about recording linked previously will be lost?

I made a ticket for this, but I wanted to mention it here too. it seems that I can link MusicBrainz recordings for other users. I’m not sure that this is intentional, but maybe it is?


Could I request/suggest some UI changes to make sure a person doesn’t accidentally link the wrong info?

On the little popup you get, it would be nice if it showed the song you were linking for clarity. And when you paste an ID in the box it would be nice if it would show the musicbrainz info(artist & song) for that ID before submitting. Help prevent accidents(accidentally copying wrong ID like a release group rather than recording, or accidentally not copying the full ID, or even some how the wrong thing completely) by being able to see both which you clicked and what you are pasting.

Also I see them on the missing data page for lucifer’s profile linked, but for mine it is blank. Is this related to me recently importing my data from and will take time to show up?

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.


Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll create a ticket for the improvements. Regarding the Missing MB data page, it takes a while (~7 days) to update.


Hi! The information about the mapping will not be lost. You can delete and reimport as usual.

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Hi! Different submission players can create separate MSIDs and incomplete matches in case the tracknumber and duration field submitted by them varies. Regarding the love/hated issue, can you create a ticket with some links to the listens and the feedback items, I’ll take a look.

Sorry, no can do. I’ve already deleted them.

Thank you for your reply!

I assume there is also a delay for stuff that shows up in reports to be changed? I see my weekly report updated today, but it shows some misidentified items in my report that I have fixed with the link feature.

For example
IRRIS - Bye Bye as Iris - Good bye
and a song by BoA(I think Forgive Me) as Zoya(Forgive & Forget I think)

I have been working through a playlist of close to 800 songs(Then have some others to do in the future) making sure everything gets linked properly to the correct entry on musicbrainz. I am excited to see my world map with everything properly linked :smile:

Thank you for all your hard work on this site!

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When did you link the these listens?

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