Preferences > User interface > Top Tags | order not being shown as chosen

Hi everyone…still new to MusicBrainz, but lovin’ it already!

When I go into my user interface preferences and set the order as I’d like to see it, track number first, then title, length, artist name, and album name, and hit “Make It So!”, nothing changes in the displayed order.

What might I be doing incorrectly?

I’m on a MacBook Air M1, macOS Monterey 12.3 beta

Might this be an issue with the macOS 12.3 beta, or is this a known issue, even on other versions of macOS?

Any advice/help would be appreciated.

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Do you probably have “Show changes first” enabled? Then tags with changes will show up before anything else. See the context menu of the metadata box.

Otherwise maybe share a screenshot of what you see.

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