Prefer the earliest release at lookup on picard

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I can’t figure out how to use the earliest release as my preferable choice, I mean sort by descending release dates and then choose the earliest one. I can do that manually via “lookup similar songs” but I think it’s self explanatory why would I prefer the earliest, because I want to use the tags from the original release, not from some compilations or later releases.

There is currently no such option. The quickest way I can think of is using the “Other versions” context menu.


Any plugin or script perhaps?

If your main concern is the release date you can set this to the earliest date with:


To be honest not only original date, but I need to know the original album as well in case I have two or more songs coming from the same album, they’d intersect at some point when I browse the collection, I’d get the original track numbers as well. But hey, having the original date as the release date is nice too.

One thing to know is that in a lot of cases, MB does not have the original release and/or recording date. Most release groups only contain the CD release and not the original (vinyl) release. Then Picard will not know either.