PPA dists update request


Could I kindly ask that the PPA be updated to include Bionic? This is one of 2 remaining sources I use that are not yet updated, and I do not want to forget. The other being 01 Intel graphics, which I never hold my breath for anyway.

To make sure I am clear, I refer to the following:


Thanks for the reminder, will update the PPA later.


I have updated both the stable PPA and the daily PPA for Bionic.

I would highly appreciate some testing of the daily PPA, since this is a near release ready build of Picard 2.0. The final release should AFAIK come in a few days.

As mentioned earlier Picard 2.0 builds will only be available for newer Ubuntu versions (Artful and Bionic), as the 16.04 LTS release does not provide all dependencies needed.


Daily is where I pull from. Prior to your change noted above, I was receiving some plugin issues in my xsession-errors, I will adjust and update per above and see if that still exists. I only use 4 plugins I think it is, so it is few and only what I really need for submitting.