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In my work i often compare existing/original artist/composer tags with MB ones when album matches. Is it possible to create a plugin that would automatically compare them and colorify strings when content differs? If thats possible through picard API at all?

The logic of plugin is following…

When album matches plugin scans all tracks and checks composer/artist tags old values vs new ones. If values differ then it colorifies respective tracks. Here could be a few problems though…

  1. Spelling difference like John Antony Smith or Johnny Smith vs John Smith. Is it possible to get artist aliases from MB and compare vs them also?
  2. Several artists for one track separated by “;” and “&”. Cycle through this too.

I suppose there could be another problems, but if thats possible at all and could such plugin be useful for community at all?

I am confused because this is already basic functionality for the metadata panel in Picard which highlights new, no longer existing and modified tags by colouring them (and if you set the option, sorting them to the top of the list).

If this functionality is not doing what you would like, perhaps you can provide a screen shot highlighting where this is falling short.


Yep, probably i failed at explaining it correctly. Picard already highlights changing tags, but i meant to specifically focus at composer/artist tags. Another good option would be to gray out or hide tags where composer/artist match, so showing only difference. So its about focusing/accentuation - so after match you can quickly see what doesnt match here. Probably a good option would be to select in picard settings what tags should be in your priority to check and color them accordingly.
Something like this.

If you right click in the metadata pane you should get this context menu:


If you check the Show Changes First line, will this do what you want?

P.S. Despite knowing this option existed, I went into Picard to find where it was, but failed to find it and had to resort to looking it up in the documentation.

I think Picard would benefit by having this option also made visible in the Options Dialog (perhaps on the same page as defining the top tags).

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