Possible to use only certain tags as default?

Welcome to my first post.

This seems like something that should be obvious, but I’ve had no luck after spending the day on it. Is there some way to use only certain tags as a default set-up? When I have one song from a large album, such as “The Complete Stax-Volt Singles…”, I get 50 tags I have to delete manually. I’m working on a project where I desire only about 6 tags per song in a large folder of singles (mostly). I’d like to automatically only work with those 6 tags every time I run Picard. At one point I thought I could do this with folksonomy tagging and the “Use only my tags” option, but now my understanding is that’s only used for genres. I thought I read somewhere that I could do this via my MusicBrainz account, but if so, I couldn’t figure it out.

Again I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can’t find anything in settings or documentation. Picard is awesome, but I could do things in half the time if I didn’t have to pick through all those tags.

Thanks, and take care.

MusicBrainz Picard is built to tag complete albums. You can “Make it Work,” but you are pretty much limited to what you are finding. When Picard looks up a track, it will try to locate the most probable full album. It will then load the entire album.

Picard is also built to provide as much information as is available. There is no way to prevent it from loading all of the information.

Picard may not be the tool for your project.

You can go to options/scripting and unset any of the tags that you don’t want, e.g.


use the plugin “Keep tags”. Then do a very simple script $keep(tag1,tag2,tag3) etc. Only the tags you specify (plus the musicbrainz_… tags which are pretty essential) are kept.