Possible to use Artist Genre?

I would like to use the Artist Genre to tag all the albums by a single artist. I know this isn’t accurate or recommended, but personally would enjoy browsing my music like that.

Is this possible by using a script?

Thanks for any help~

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It’s in the Genre preferences, unless you mean something else:

I am really not sure that this is going to use the Artist genre - from my experience with Artist Official Website plugin, I know that you have to go and lookup the Artist details in a separate webservice call because they are not available in the release webservice even when you request the additional data. Consequently I expect that the functionality controlled by the Options… page will use the Release or Release Group genre, though I haven’t checked the code to see.

It should be possible to copy and tweak the Artist Official Website plugin to create an Artist Genre plugin very easily, but if you use both plugins you are likely to make two webservices calls for the same artist information. (To avoid that I would make both plugins share the artist data cache and extract both the artist website and genre into the cache - thus creating one webservice call that both plugins could use.)

I primarily use artist genres for my tagging and I can confirm that the above option just works. The way it works is that it prefers the release tags, then the release group tags, and only then considers the artist tags, which allows you to override the artist genre for specific releases.

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Same here. I only ever set genre on artists, and it works fine for me.