Possible to rename music folders with "albumgrouping" tag?

I’m new to Picard, trying to get my library sorted. I would like to browse by genre tags, but for some reason MusicBee isn’t able to read “albumgrouping” tag which is what looks best to me.

Is it possible to set a rename path option to start with albumgrouping>artistname>albumname ?


I am not sure what the albumgrouping tag should be, but if it is the genre that is called genre in Picard. You could just use %genre% in your file naming script.

The issue with genre is that MusicBrainz is probably not the best source for genres. Picard has the option to use MusicBrainz’s folksonomy tags as genre (see Options > Metadata > Use folksonomy tags as genre). Apart from that there are a couple of plugins providing genre information, e.g. the wikidata-genre plugin.

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