Possible to get an artist's 'legal name' in my file renaming script?

I’d like to organise artists with many aliases into a parent directory, like so:

Library/Legal name/Alias/Album

Is it possible to grab this info if it exists in the artist’s relationship data?

I don’t think “legal name” is available for all artists. You might be able to achieve something similar by using the “standardized name” instead. If you want both the standardized name and credited name available, you will need to use a plugin like Additional Artist Variables. The user guide for the plugin explains the additional variables provided.


Ah, to be clear I mean grabbing the ‘legal name’ from the artist’s relationship info. If it doesn’t exist I can script around it, or contribute it myself—depending on why it doesn’t exist.

If that information isn’t accessible via scripting though, that’s fair enough.

Thanks anyway!

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I don’t believe that it’s available by default, because I don’t think that the artist relationships are included in the information retrieved by Picard. You would need a plugin to make the extra information call, and make the information available as a tag or variable.