Possible bug found: drag'n dropping items from the right pane results in a white box, if they are outside the visible part

Which version of Picard do you use?
Happens both with ver. 2.8.5 and 2.9.0b3

Which operating system do you use?
Arch, Gnome 44.3 (happens both with Wayland and X11)

What did you do when the bug occurred?

Select a list of elements in the right pane, then scroll down or up to the last or first element of that list. At least one of selected elements must be invisible. Now drag one of the selected elements.

What actually happened and what did you expect to happen?

A white box is dragged, with no text in it:

Full video with the bug reproduced: bug

The correct behaviour should be:

info about at least one of the dragged elements printed in the box:

Full video with correct, expected behaviour: correct

But that infobox is only shown if you do NOT select items currently not visible.

If you’re using plugins, which plugins do you have enabled? None

Log: https://controlc.com/a5fc5daa/fullscreen.php?hash=9b03c8cc8265ca0a113207a2e1d8a35d&toolbar=false&linenum=true

The act of dragging itself does not produce any log messages.

Thanks for the report. I submitted a fix for it. See the below ticket for details: