Possibility to tag by artist "area"? (Artist country of origin)

Hello, I would want to add a tag that would be very important to me, and I just cannot do it manually to every artists.

Is it possible to add a tag for the “Artist country of origin” ?
I just see the countries of the releases

If yes, can someone explain me how to do it please it would be very appreciated

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No, it’s not: MBS-12170


Disclamer:Yes I know I know nothing about Picard

Request MBS-12170 opened 8 months ago already

It can put a thousand tags into one song yet unable to generate a tag by artist area/country, this is insane.

I have found that some talked about making a plugin: No solution from nobody(unable to create a plugin for the solution)?

Your request is totally exact and to the point. (Country of release is not only worthless but also cumbersome, I would say nothing if we could use a “artist country of origin” tag)

Country tag = The only essential tag in a already clean collection
A good assortment start with knowing the artists countries, we all know that, in 2022

This would be really nice to have, but so are a million other things. The amount of developers and their time is limited, so don’t get your hopes up.

Agree. Being realistic, country release is useless for most users… it doesn’t give you any actual info about the music/artist at all.
Artist’s country was one of the big holes I never understood on Picard.