Portuguese Bootleg/Mixtape with Many Mispellings

So, there’s a number of bootlegs that get “captured” and placed on to the Internet Archive, and sometimes I will add them to the database. Of course with a lot of these bootlegs they normally have the occassional mis-spelling or typo, but this particular entry is a different beast.

Link to item on Internet Archive.

A lot of the artists on this release are credited very badly.

Track 1 and Track 2 are easily identifed as Mos Def and Nelly respectively. But Track 3 is actually Naughty by Nature (credited as “Night G”) and Track 4 is Jill Scott (credited as “MC Scoth”).

So how would one enter these into the database, of course the track-level credits should link back to the original performer, but should I also enter the name as it appears on the release under the “credited as” field?


I’d spelt it all korrektly as the intention of the compiler woz too give you the music, but dey didn’t know how to spell properllly. (They’re spell check toool waz probbaly offline)

It is fairly normal two correct obvious errors on a track list. This is not really artist intent at a style.


I’m not sure the intent here was to name them correctly, perhaps to get around the (c) hammer?

If it was intent to give them weird names I would lean towards using the weird versions. If it’s spelling errors then I would not use the weird artist names, as IvanDobsky says.

It’s the credits that make this release special in either case :joy:


Well i’ve gone with the concensous to use the correct performers/titles.

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